Whey protein concentrate



Whey protein concentrate is manufactured by drying the material resulting from removal of sufficient nonprotein constituents from pasteurized whey.



Nutritional and protein fortified beverages, bakery, processed meat, dietetic foods, infant foods, confections.



Replacement for skimmed milk (WPC35), alternative to egg-white (WPC80), boosts nutritional value of finished product, fat mimetic, good water-binding properties, gelation effects, excellent stabilizer, high solubility in a wide range of pH conditions, viscosity development, whipping/foaming properties, browning of baked products.



Product must be stored in a cool, dry place, at temperature below 25°C and relative humidity below 65%, product has a 2 years shelf life in the original packaging.



Four-layer paper bag with polythene inner bag, 25 kg net.