Unsalted Sweet and Lactic Animal Butter 82%

Butter is a superb food with superior nutritional value, which has the highest calorie content among animal fats. Dairy butter 82%, contains 82% pure cow milk, 16% water and 2% non-fat solids, including proteins, calcium and phosphorus. The more the color of butter is yellow, it contains more additive ingredients including vitamin A.

To produce dairy butter, a lot of fat (more than 82%) should be excluded from milk. This fat is separated from the milk by complex devices and technologies. To produce this substance, fat removal operations should be carried out for a very high volume of milk.


Butter is very nutritious, has a long shelf life in right conditions, is alternative to cooking oil and imparts a natural and unique flavor.


We have the necessary fields for supplying and collecting a high volume of fresh and quality raw milk throughout IRAN. Now, based on world-class knowledge and technology, the company has achieved a high volume production rate for unsalted sweet and lactic 82% animal butter.

Pars Crown offers you flexible solutions by delivering butter in a variety of volume, compositions and packaging according to your requirements.