Pars Crown Company was registered in 2003, with the purpose of importing raw materials for food industry, especially dairy products, and producing raw materials with a specified formula, as well as exporting raw materials and food processed products.

The company introduced the Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder (Pure Fresh) to the world market for the first time in 2012, which has been widely welcomed by large dairy, sweet and chocolate companies. In recent years, in line with the development and expansion of this collection, other dairy products including milk powder, cream, pasteurized butter, milk and all kinds of whey have been produced and marketed by this brand. Due to its high purity and unique quality Pars Crown products have managed to take a huge share of domestic and foreign markets in the shortest time.


Quality & Safety

The quality of natural dairy products is confirmed when it is safe and secure for the consumer. We believe that the quality and safety of food is the key to determining our reputation as a credible manufacturer in the industry as well as in protecting consumer rights. Therefore, we have always tried to put our product production and supply into compliance with international standards approved by the World Health Organization.

Pars Crown has always been proud to maintain and implement all quality audits and improvement planning’s for all its products. This integrated program is based on the approval and adherence of relevant laws to minimize the risk to consumers in the nutrition health program. The approach of this program ensures that our production always follows strict monitoring of the principles that are consistent with maintaining the quality and safety of the product during its production, packaging and delivery.

Undoubtedly, it's our customer’s absolute right to have a healthy product with the highest quality and nutritional value. Therefore, cooperation and empathy in pursuit of this great goal have always been our firm conviction.